Flashback Protocol

Two counsellors demonstrate a method you can use to stop a flashback while it is happening.

Notice how you're feeling

Notice how you're feeling now

The Flashback Protocol

If you experience a flashback, follow this specific set of instructions to bring yourself back to here and now:

  • Notice what you are feeling.
  • Observe what sensations you have in your body.
  • Spot something you can see, smell and hear where you are right now.
  • Ask yourself what today’s date is.

Complete the following 8 sentences aloud:

  1. I am feeling…
  2. I am sensing…
  3. Because I am remembering…
  4. Now I can see…
  5. Now I can smell….
  6. Now I can hear…
  7. The date today is…
  8. So I know that that experience is no longer happening.

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