Safeguarding in sport – we all have a role to play to keep children safe

Ian was abused in football by his coach, Barry Bennell as a teenager in the 1980s. Back then, safeguarding was more of an afterthought than a process clubs had to go through to carry out professional services, which lead to catastrophic consequences, as detailed in the BBC documentary Football's Darkest Secret. In the film below, he talks to 1in6uk's marketing manager and grassroots football activist, Gary Pleece, about how we all have a role to play to keep children safe.

Ian Ackley is the head of The Survivor Support Advocate Service at the Professional Footballers’ Association. He was abused by his football coach, Barry Bennell, as a teenager and featured on the BBC documentary, Football’s Darkest Secret, along with other professional footballers who had been abused by Bennell and other coaches.

Gary Pleece is the marketing manager of 1in6uk, football activist with VYD CIC, graphic novelist and a survivor.