What does ‘unwanted’ mean?

When we say unwanted sexual experiences we are referring to any event which was sexual in nature to which you didn’t give active and informed consent. 

Consent means actively giving your agreement or ‘saying yes’ to something. If you don’t actively agree, then you don’t give your consent. If you are threatened, frightened, drugged, coerced or asleep then you can’t give your consent freely.  The law also states that when you are younger than 16 you are unable to give informed consent.

It’s not always easy to be sure about whether you gave consent or not. You may have been abused by someone you know, someone you trusted or were hoping to have a good time with. Maybe it was your partner or someone you fancy, or someone you met online specifically with the plan of having sex.

Maybe drink and drugs were involved so you can’t remember exactly what happened.  

Remember, consent means you freely gave agreement to a sexual act or activity. You do not have to be touched for a sexual offence to be committed and you do not have to shout ‘stop’. 

If you were tricked, persuaded, forced or frightened into any activity which was sexual or for the sexual pleasure of the other person, then they committed a crime.