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1in6.uk releases new film about sleep problems and strategies for male survivors

1in6.uk has produced a film of a conversation between Tanaka Mhishi who is a male survivor of sexual violence and John Ryan a comedian and ally. They discuss sleep problems and strategies which can help.

By LucyHughes · December 7, 2021

Your sleep can be affected if you’re a survivor of sexual violence.

1in6.uk has released a new film about sleep problems as a result of sexual abuse or assault and what can be done about it.

It’s a conversation between 2 men. One is a survivor of rape and and the other isn’t and wants to help.

You didn’t have any control over what happened to you, which might have lead to your sleep issues – but you do have control over action you can take now.

Watch our new film featuring survivor of sexual violence, Tanaka Mhishi, in conversation with comedian and ally, John Ryan, in which he talks about good sleep hygiene and how to get some much needed shut-eye.


Tanaka Mhishi is a writer and performer who is a survivor of sexual violence and is on the Advisory Group which leads the delivery of 1in6.uk has contributed to content about sleep, self harm and finding a route towards healing.

John Ryan is a stand up comedian, writer and presenter and ally to male survivors who works for a range of health organisations using comedy to raise awareness and share information.