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1in6.uk releases new film about sleep problems and strategies for male survivors

1in6.uk has produced a film of a conversation between Tanaka Mhishi who is a male survivor of sexual violence and John Ryan and comedian and ally. They discuss sleep problems and strategies which can help.

By LucyHughes · December 7, 2021

1in6.uk has released a new film about sleep problems as a result of sexual abuse or assault and what can be done about it.

It’s a conversation between 2 men. One is a survivor of rape and and the other isn’t and wants to help.

Tanaka Mhishi is a writer and performer who is a survivor of sexual violence and is on the Advisory Group which leads the delivery of 1in6.uk has contributed to content about sleep, self harm and finding a route towards healing.

John Ryan is a stand up comedian, writer and presenter and ally to male survivors who works for a range of health organisations using comedy to raise awareness and share information.