Get Online Counselling

One of the ways that you can get help with what you have experienced is with online counselling. This doesn’t cost you anything, and you’ll have one to one video calls with a professional counsellor who will work with you to get the support that you deserve.

All of the charities below offer online counselling to men anywhere in England and Wales, so you don’t need to choose one in your local area.

Mankind UK

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Mankind UK are based in Brighton and have been helping men for over 20 years. 91% of people who get counselling from Mankind UK experience a positive improvement in their quality of life.


Ben’s Place (Survivors West Yorkshire)

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Ben’s Place is run by Survivors West Yorkshire. 93% of people who have been clients have had better coping skills and strategies.


First Step

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First Step are based in Leicester. 100% of people who have counselling with First Step felt valued and heard by their counsellor.