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‘The Way Through’ Podcast launched by 1in6.uk featuring Stephen Hart

Stephen talks to a friend and ally of 1in6.uk, Phil King, about his story of abuse and how he began to heal by using the creative process.

By Gary Pleece · November 15, 2022

Stephen Hart
Stephen Hart recording The Way Through Podcast
1in6.uk is proud to launch ‘The Way Through’ podcast. The purpose of this podcast is to bring survivors’ stories to a wider audience with the aim of reaching more people who might be thinking of disclosing. We want this content to be useful and supportive and to help male survivors on the first steps on their journey to healing and finding their own ‘Way Through’.
This podcast features, Stephen Hart, actor and activist, in conversation with Phil King, friend, and ally of 1in6.uk.
Stephen was abused as a young boy and then drugged and raped in later life, after which he was diagnosed with HIV. After struggling with trauma and suicidal thoughts for many years, he eventually decided to write about his experiences – with incredible results.
He took his one-man show, Shadowed Dreamer, about his experience of abuse and the trauma that followed and how it affected him, to New York City in 2009/10, where it ran for nine months and closed off-Broadway. His show has been performed in London and New York a number of times since then, including in schools as an educational and informative piece about sexual abuse against males.
This is an honest, challenging, and compelling conversation with Phil, and we hope you find it as engaging and helpful as we did at 1in6.uk
Please take care if you are listening alone and make sure you have a friend or ally you can call on should you be triggered by any of the content in this podcast.
You can listen to the podcast on any of the links below:

You can also watch the film of the podcast between Phil and Stephen below