Long term effects

Hundreds of thousands of Men across the UK are living with the longer term impact of experiences they had recently or many years ago.  You are not alone.

Effects can include:

You may feel none, some, or many of these.  You may be experiencing all sorts of other affects. Everyone is different and how you are managing can also be affected by other things going on in your life or day to day stresses.

Some people want to share the burden straight away, or it can take weeks, years or decades to feel ready to speak about it.

The fact you are reading these is a great step towards getting the support you may need if you are finding the impact of your experiences unmanageable.

"Having kept what happened to me as a little boy to myself for over 40 years, I never thought I would be able to deal with having to face up to my past. After six months of intense therapy, I had everything worked through. It was incredible and changed my life”.

Gary Pleece

Marketing Bloke, Social Entrepreneur, Football Activist, Graphic Novelist