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Will Clapson Releases Haunting New Song

As well as being a valued contributor to 1in6.uk’s Advisory Group, William Clapson is also a talented musician with a song to share about the sexual abuse he suffered as a younger man and how he's 'moving on'.

By LucyHughes · November 25, 2021

Released on 26th of November 2021, “Their Superhero” is a collaboration between ambient musician Alaskan Tapes and Will Clapson as ‘Jack in Water’.

It’s a reworked version of “Monster”, which appeared originally on Jack in Water’s debut full-length album “You Don’t Feel Like Home” produced by Oli Bayston (Loyle Carner, The 2 Bears).

Will says:

“I’ve been a huge fan of Alaskan Tapes for a while and we’ve become friends in the last year or two. ‘Monster’ was one of his favourite songs on the album so it made sense he collaborated on this song that has become “Their Superhero”.

He has this way of saying so much with very minimal production and beautiful sound design which I think works really well against the drama in a song like Monster. It also gives the song a lot more space which I think given that it is about the heavy subject of sexual abuse it makes the listening experience a little less intense and more therapeutic.

I have found the experience of creating this song and video extremely valuable and freeing. I wanted to share it in the hope that it might help others. I understand for a lot of people speaking publicly is not an option but if the song can give one person the confidence to speak to someone then that would make me really happy.”

Since the release of an acoustic version of “Monster” a while back, Will / Jack in Water has started working with 1in6.uk.

“It is a great website and tool and one that I wish I had access to when I first started to seek help with the abuse I experienced. I am very happy to be part of such an important project and it has given this song extra significance to me.”

A songwriter with real depth.” – CLASH

Out of his comfort zone and into the intimidating space of emotional vulnerability.” – Atwood

Brought up in a little British village in Essex and now residing in Mallorca. Spain, Will is part of the 1in6.uk Advisory Group, providing valuable input into the design of new content for the site such as self help tools or information about trauma symptoms, and advising on how best to help other male survivors access the help and support they need.

After releasing a string of impressive EPs since 2011 and album in 2021, Jack in Water’s latest track “Their Superhero” is a stunning statement of acceptance, as much about moving on as it is about looking back.

Stay tuned for more news from Jack in Water very soon.

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You can find out more about Will’s story and journey towards healing here.